Creative Lending Solutions has the resources and lending industry expertise to find high-value loans for franchise properties. Whether you are planning a single-business franchise or a multiple-location franchise, CLS will help you secure the loans you need from lenders that specialize in investments like yours.

We Understand Your Business

  • Since 2003, CLS has been helping franchises secure loans
  • This includes financing projects between $1 million and $75 million
  • We do so by providing a unique, client-based and industry specific approach to lending solutions
  • Our experience with local banks, national banks, and conduit leaders gives you an advantage when submitting a package to secure your loan
  • We work one-on-one with lenders that can provide the rates you need

Our Process

  • We provide everything you need to find a perfectly suited loan from the right lender
  • We manage the loan acquisition process from start to finish
  • This includes completing your underwriting, submitting your package to lenders, and vouching for your business
  • CLS offers all of our benefits of a hard-earned reputation and uncommon credibility
  • Creating and submitting your own loan package can take months, without knowing how lenders will respond
  • Our resources allows you to find the best rates from the right lenders fasters and simpler
  • Terms of 5, 7, 10, or 15 years available
  • Conventional loan options