Gas stations pose unique challenges when securing financing and loans, and not all lenders will finance them. At Creative Lending Solutions, we’ve been connecting property owners with national banks, local banks and conduit lenders since 2003, and we can do the same for you.

Banking Industry Relationships

  • We help our clients secure loans valued between $1 million and $75 million, and we know the steps to take when doing it for a gas station property.
  • Our loan acquisition credibility makes us advantageously suited to advocate for our clients and negotiate the most favorable rates for gas stations
  • We learn you business plan inside and out in order to choose which lenders to pursue
  • Eliminate guesswork when applying for loans, giving you a more comprehensive selection of lenders to choose from
  • By completing your underwriting and submitting your loan package to the appropriate lenders, we act as your representative
  • This gives you the benefit of our reputation, allowing us to vouch for your business and advocate for you with lenders
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • 25-year loan

At CLS, we take pride in our reputation, and we work to maintain it. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and our straightforward, honest and efficient approach has helped us successfully secure loans for gas stations and other commercial properties. When you manage your own commercial property loan acquisition, a lender unfamiliar with your business may not offer you the same rates that they offer through a name they know and trust. Working with CLS gives you an experienced representative in this competitive industry, helping ensure a favorable loan that fits your needs.