Creative Lending Solutions is a full-service firm helping entrepreneurs procure the loans they need for income properties. We frequently represent retail businesses, using our longstanding relationships with local and national lenders to secure high-value loans between $1 million and $75 million.

Industry Experience

  • CLS has worked directly with banks and conduit leaders, providing loans for retail centers for over 14 years
  • Our extensive hands-on experience gives us the ability to know which lenders offer the best solutions for retail centers
  • CLS cuts through the red tape, providing answers without the worry of guesswork
  • Because we’ve been working in banking since 1998, our professional network and credibility with lenders helps us negotiate favorable rates and vouch for your business
  • Our honest, straightforward and thorough work allows us to secure better loans for more businesses
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • 25-year loan

Full-service Dependability

  • Working with CLS means you get everything you need to procure a loan for your income-generating retail center
  • We complete the underwriting, creating and submitting your package to the lenders best suited to help your needs
  • Our direct relationship with lenders creates high-value opportunities for your business, eliminating the uncertainty when working on your own

Don’t risk spending your time and energy submitting packages to lenders that don’t provide loans for the retail industry, or even for your type of property. CLS knows which lenders to work with, which ones can provide you with the best rates and how to advocate for your business plan. Our high standards of ethics and our dedication to finding valuable solutions for our clients give you the peace of mind that the future of your retail property is in good hands.