At Creative Lending Solutions, we provide comprehensive loan acquisition services for a variety of income-generating property types, including multi-family residential properties. Multi-family properties present a range of unique concerns both for their owners and for the lenders financing them, but CLS has the reputation and the relationships in the banking industry to find and secure the loan you need.

Residential Property Experience

  • Because financing for multi-family residential properties can be significantly different, not all lenders provide loans for this type of property or are otherwise extremely selective
    • Since 2003 CLS has been securing income property loans and our banking industry relationships simplifies finding a high-value loan
    • High standards, commitment to the industry, and reputation for honesty with clients and lenders opens doors to loan opportunities not available otherwise
  • Our relationships with local banks, national banks and conduit leaders allows us to choose which lenders to pursue and gives us the credibility to complete the deal

Our Services

  • From start to finish, we manage the entire lending process
    • This includes preparing your underwriting, creating your package, and submitting proposals to the lenders that best suit your needs
  • Working with CLS gives you access to a more selective cross-section of lenders, removing the guesswork associated with submitting loan packages on your own
  • Creative Lending Solutions is a name that lenders recognize and trust, giving you better access to financing opportunities
  • The benefits of our highly touted reputation allows you to find an advantageous financing solution for your residential income property
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • 25-year loan